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Get Online and Offline Traffic!

When you sponsor a contest on, you tap into our audience of website visitors, social media followers and email list. Our audience is in the Madison, WI area because we only offer contests for businesses in and around Madison.

Your contest will drive people to your website to find out more about your business. Your prize will also drive people into your door to find out more.

How it Works

We run timed contests. In each contest, there are prizes which go to the contest winners.

1People enter at and they get 1 entry.

2Upon entering, we give them a unique link they can share.

3For each person that signs up with that link, they get 10 more entries into the contest.

In other words, contests go viral!

Where You Come In

  • it-goes-viralYou’ll offer a prize in value from $15 on up. The higher the amount, the longer you can run the contest. The longer it runs, the more exposure you get. You don’t have to run the contest to the maximum amount of days we allow – you can cut it shorter if you like.
  • You can offer multiple prizes to drive up the value of your contest. For example, you could give away 4 prizes worth $10 each in the same contest if you like.
  • Our minimum single prize is $10. Our minimum contest value is $15. It’s best to run a contest with a $25 value or higher.

What Advertisers Get

We promote each contest as best we can without being too annoying for people. You get a contest page that stays up one day after the contest ends as well as other types of promotion.

Your contest page features:

  • Your company name
  • A picture of the prize or your logo
  • Your business address and phone
  • A link to your website
  • A description of your business (up to 400 words)
  • A video you have on YouTube (you provide the video – it must be on YouTube. This is optional.)

We also send out daily emails listing all contests and your contest will be listed there. All contests are posted on Facebook and Twitter. These contests tend to go viral. You can certainly help spread the word using your social media accounts.

Kinds of Prizes to Offer

If you’re thinking about getting involved, take a look at the current contests and prizes we’re running for some great ideas. Here’s a list of some prizes that would be good to offer, too:

  • Restaurants / food / pizza / bars / steak / dessert / groceries
  • Massages / spas
  • Carpet cleaning / home cleaning
  • Automotive / oil changes / gas / fuel
  • Chiropractic services
  • Home services / plumbing / heating / cooling / interior / exterior
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Window cleaning
  • Gutter guards
  • Resume services
  • Car washes / detailing / cleaning
  • Karate classes
  • Dance classes
  • Beauty services / haircuts / salons
  • Hotel stays
  • Entertainment

It should be a product or service that your business offers to help give people an easy way to sample/try what you offer. A bad product to offer would be an iPad – unless you’re Apple, of course. The reason is, by offering an iPad, you’ll get lots of attention but unless you sell iPads, they’re not good leads for your business. They’re not qualified. Offer something that has to do with your business.

The prize you offer in your contest should be a good, complete experience that you offer. That way, people will come back later to get that experience again. So don’t go cheap with what you offer or else people will think that’s all that you do or offer. Give them the best product, service or experience that you offer and you’ll get repeat customers.

And if you want some help, just contact us and we’ll see what we can come up with. We might be able to brainstorm and come up with something really good – we know what’s working.

We’re Keeping it Local, Baby!

Hey, we could easily fill this website with freebie offers from national companies but there are plenty of those websites, right? How about keeping it local? We’d like to emphasize on businesses that are local to our area (Madison, WI and the Wisconsin Dells) – so you won’t see a lot of chain or big box businesses here.

We want our email list and Facebook audience to be local area residents instead of people just trying to enter every contest/sweepstakes website out there. That’s more value for our advertisers – you!

contest-winnerWhen the Contest is Over, It’s Not Over

The winner is notified by email and we deliver the prize to them. They must claim their prize within 30 days. If they do not claim the prize in that amount of time, we’ll choose another winner from the list of entries.

You will also get a chance to run the contest again at a reduced price. It must be the same contest.

When the winner claims your prize, treat them just like a normal customer (or even better). They’re sampling your services and if they like what you provide, you’ll have a great customer for a long time… this just works.

The Really Cool Part…

What about all the losers?

They win, too!

For the people that didn’t win, you’ll be able to offer them a discount on the product or service you offered. You can offer them a coupon or anything you want. We’ll send that note out for you and this is included.

You’ll need a way for them to purchase the item online or else come to your location with a promo code or something like that or it can even be as simple as printing the email. You’ll want to offer this for a limited time like 48-72 hours. A good discount is something like 50% off.

We’ll have an email that goes out to everyone who entered and we can send a message to them about this offer.

This is a great way to earn some revenue and get more customers! And it works… really well!

Contest Pricing

We’re accepting prizes from local Madison, WI area business to give away here on MadisonClick. There’s NO charge right now to submit a prize, which means free/cheap advertising for you!

Not all prize submissions will be accepted as we’re not looking for chain/big box businesses but rather local businesses.

This is the pricing we’re looking at implementing, so it’s better to get in now while there are no insertion fees – just contact us about the prize you want to offer to your business and we’ll let you know if we accept your offer:

Contest Value Contest Run Insertion Fee
$15 10 Days $75 FREE!
$25 14 Days $75 FREE!
$50 30 Days $75 FREE!
$75 45 Days $100 FREE!
$100 60 Days $100 FREE!
$200 90 Days $100 FREE!
FLASH CONTEST (not available yet):
$25 on up 3 Days $50 FREE!
  • The Contest Run can be less than the amount of days listed but it must be at least 10 days (except for the Flash Contest).
  • The Insertion Fees listed will go up as we get more subscribers but lock in your rate now by renewing when your contest ends (within 5 business days and up to 5 times).

Contact MadisonClick

For more information, please contact Tony at

Note: If you need help converting more of your website traffic into leads, sales and phone calls, contact Webstix. You may want to have this work done before sponsoring a contest to ensure you get the most out of any contest you sponsor.