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Madison, WI, USA
People with sandbags outside - Photo courtesy of WI Department of Military Affairs

Resources for Flooding in the Madison Area

Our area has been hit hard by flooding in the last, couple weeks. Here are some resources you may find helpful if you've been affected by the rain and floods. Main Flooding...
Downtown Madison, WI

Plugging in to Madison: Small Business Style

Opening a new, small business in the Madison area is all about plugging into the community. People in the area like doing business with their neighbors that surround them and the...
Mosquito on someone's skin

The Mosquitoes Are Here Until We Freeze

Bad news, everyone! Mosquito levels are at a high (about 10 times as many as normal) and they're here to stay until we get some cold weather. So use spray and...
Viewing website analytics

The Most Important Factors to Get Your Website Ranking Higher

Is your website not ranking high? That may be because you aren't doing anything to help it rank high or you may not know what to do. Check out this article to learn some ways to get your website up in the search engine rankings.
mother with child

Wisconsin Has a Foster Parent Shortage

More foster parents are needed in Wisconsin to take care of foster children at different levels. Training is available and foster parents do get paid for their help. Learn more about how to become a foster parent in Wisconsin.
Gas pump handles

What’s Going on With Gas Prices in Madison?

Have you been to the gas station lately? Of course you have. They've been relatively higher lately but we're finally starting to see them fall... or are we? GasBuddy.com reports that the...

Businesses Still Open in Madison, WI – COVID-19

Governor Evers has announced that non-essential businesses in Wisconsin must close due to Coronavirus (#ShelterInPlace) starting 3/25/2020 now. The details are still coming out (watch here for updates) but if your...

Be Careful of Bad Small Business SEO Contracts

Unfortunately, you see this all too often. A business owner knows nothing about search engine optimization (SEO) except that they need it and they are approached by someone willing to take...
Girl in winter clothes outside playing in the snow

Get Ready for Winter in Madison, WI

Whether you've been in Madison for years or are new to the area, winter weather is something you'll have to deal with here. It's not all bad and with a few, good tips, you'll be ready to face winter and triumph. Find out what you need to know about winter in Madison, WI.

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