Press Release Writing/Distribution

Want to Get Some Extra Attention and Website Traffic to Your Business? Order a Press Release!

There are many benefits to publishing a press release, which include:

  • Interests from journalists and the media
  • A link to your website on many websites
  • Increased website traffic
  • Instant exposure
  • Get natural backlinks to your website (Google-safe links)
  • It’s reputation insurance
  • Reach out to potential investors
  • Social media signals that Google will recognize

Get a Press Release from MadisonClick!

MadisonClick offers a press release writing and distribution service for just $199 per press release. We’ll interview you and write the release, you’ll approve it or suggest changes, and then it’ll be posted here on MadisonClick (for a minimum of 1 year, maybe longer) and be sent out to over 400 other websites and out to social media.

How Often Should You Publish a Press Release?

Some websites that publish your press release may only keep it on their website for about 2 months and then they will take it down.

Will You Help Me Write the Press Release?

Yes, we’ll give you a call that’ll take about 10-15 minutes so we can get the information we need. We’ll then write it and send it for your approval before it goes out.

Contact Us for More Information

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