MadisonClick (this website), which started as a Madison, WI business directory in 2001, then converted to online contests and job listings has come back to life featuring articles related to small business, marketing, technology and more.

MadisonClick has returned!

“It’s a step we’ve wanted to take for a while,” said Tony Herman, the Chief Editor and Owner of MadisonClick.

Herman was wanting to go to this format for a few years but was involved with other projects. He knew it would take a good amount of content and a website design/re-formatting in order to get the website where he wanted it.

He also said, “Our main focus isn’t exactly news but articles that are relevant to the Madison area – with a focus on small business. We may have some news periodically but just like how the original MadisonClick was a resource for Madison, that is our focus with the articles we generate.”

He is also a partner in Webstix, a local website design company, who does the website hosting and some other technical resources for MadisonClick.

Tony Herman“Yes, there will be some synergy between the two companies. I can see us using MadisonClick to help promote our website design clients but we’re open to the whole community, of course. MadisonClick will also need some technical assistance from Webstix from time to time.”

The new website offers services for small business promotion like press release creation/distribution and sponsored content. There will be introductory rates for these services.

For about 7 years, the movie listings section of MadisonClick was popular and he said that could possibly come back in the future but only after certain traffic goals were met.

Herman also added, “We don’t want to add too much too quickly but just grow over time.”

At this time, MadisonClick has a small contributor staff that work on a freelance basis. Tony said they are accepting original articles from local authors who can also apply to become contributors. A few articles will be posted per week but the primary goal is to consistently post content and then increase frequency as time goes on. Sponsored content will also be published to supplement the content MadisonClick produces.

“We’re not out to step on toes,” said Herman. “We’re looking to provide great content where it’s needed in this geographical area. I love small business, own one myself and I’ve talked with hundreds of these owners over the years. I know the struggles small business owners come up against and I want the website to appeal to them and have it be a place they want to use to advertise their business.”

Tony, who is a graduate of UW-Madison, has lived in the Madison area for nearly 40 years. He has deep roots in Southern Wisconsin and chose to stay in the area when his parents and brother moved out to Arizona. You might find him biking around Madison or kayaking the rivers, streams and lakes in the area when he’s not teaching skiing in the winter.

“Regarding politics,” he said, “we’re going to do our best to stay out of that realm. Madison is very politically charged and it doesn’t make sense to get into that game. There’s a lot of news and things happening that don’t naturally have politics in them, so there’s no need to inject it. Besides, if people want that, there are plenty of outlets where they can go.”

MadisonClick aims to focus on the small business owner as well as dip into technology and marketing. Marketing will include SEO (search engine optimization) since that’s a passion of Tony’s. He said he also hopes to interview small business owners in the area and every one of those articles will feature advice and lessons learned so that people can benefit from what other small business owners have learned.


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