Bad news, everyone! Mosquito levels are at a high (about 10 times as many as normal) and they’re here to stay until we get some cold weather. So use spray and wear long sleeve shirts to protect yourself.

The rain and floods have created the perfect conditions for a record high level of mosquitoes here in the Madison, WI area. They’re invading and are showing up where you normally don’t see them because there are so many.

According to Professor of Entomology at UW-Madison Susan Paskewitz, mosquito populations in Dane County has increased more than tenfold.

“We have trapped mosquitoes in the Dane County area for probably the last ten years and this is by far, by order of magnitude, at least ten times as many mosquitoes are we usually see now,” Paskewitz explained. (source:

When you’re sweating, mosquitoes will be more attracted to you, so re-apply spray as often as you need to. They’re also more attracted to darker clothing, so wearing long sleeve shirts and pants with lighter colors is better.

You can get your home sprayed for mosquitoes to help keep them away. There are several companies in the Madison area that offer mosquito spraying. But please note that the mosquitoes in our area do not carry disease (and they really can’t transmit disease when temps get to 60 degrees), so doing this is really just to get rid of an annoyance and it’s not a health concern.

You can always just stay inside and keep swatting them, of course. That, along with mosquito spray will help… until temperatures cool down. Expect more of them this fall and even into next spring, unfortunately.


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