About Madison, WI

Welcome to Madison, Wisconsin!

Madison, WI isn’t only known for its beauty and history, but it is also known as the political capitol of Wisconsin.


Photo by Tony Herman

Most of the state’s government dealings being handled right inside of Madison but this didn’t happen overnight. Madison finally became a city in 1856. The city is named after James Madison, an American politician and philosopher who held the 4th seat as United States President. Because Madison, WI is the center of state politics, this means that there are more jobs to be found here than practically anywhere else in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin_in_1718Madison and Wisconsin History

Let’s step back a ways first. Wisconsin has a rich history. It was actually settled by native Americans for more than 12,000 years before there was an immigrant invasion. In 1837, the Yankees, English, Irish, and Scandanavians overflowed the city, quickly claiming it as their own.

By the time the year 1856 rolled around, the community had grown to more than 9,000 people, and was quickly adding more citizens every year. This led up to the present day Madison, WI that is flourishing like never before. With the busy business districts, and the quaint suburbs, more and more people are finding their way into the Madison city limits than ever.

UW Badgers Football Game Rally

When school is in, you’ll find University of Wisconsin-Madison students downtown. The downtown area is busy and beautiful all year round. Going to a Badgers game is a must if you want the real experience.

Madison Today

With the real estate market in the down turn that it is currently facing, more and more people are finding out that moving to the north is a great way to escape their expensive home mortgages, and property insurance rates. Finding cheaper homes in Madison is a great way to save money, but also raise your family in a quaint, quiet city that’s full of recreation. The school systems, as well as the shopping districts are well known for providing great education, entertainment, and family fun.

Getting out for the weekend in Madison, WI is incredibly easy, with most attractions just a few short miles away – no matter what season it is and people in Wisconsin enjoy all four seasons.

wisconsinVisit Madison, WI

If you have been on the fence about Madison, Wisconsin for any length of time, you really need to take the time to visit the city, and really get a feel for the atmosphere. Think of laid back southern charm, with the class and appeal of northern lifestyles, and you have found Madison.

The city is growing every year, with more and more people finding out the huge benefits to living in a growing community.

Are you one of the people that have finally figured it out, and are ready to visit the city of Madison, WI?